How to start programming?

How you start to develop websites, games and all this stuff?

A good beginning is to start coding on

codeacademyIt helped me a lot, because I tried everything like watching youtube videos, reading tutorials et cetera. On youtube I missing beginner tutorials as well good sound quality videos. There are people who post their programming teaching videos and have crappy microphones or bad resolution-videos.

Sometimes they upload 3 videos, showing how to programm functions for a social media website and then they sell DVD for much money on which are shown how to include the most important functions like how to programm a comment-posting.

For me the biggest learning effect was to start on codeyear and I recommend you to begin with the “web fundamentals track”, because it is easy and you will be able to design and programm your first HTML websites. It is funny to see how your webpage is growing and it is all for free!

12.05.2013 Thx for reading EL Barto



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