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SSD Optimization

Besides using tools that usually are included with your SSD and aim to configure and optimize the settings of your operating system (like Samsung Magician), the first thing you should do is to update your “Intel Rapid Storage Technology”  (Intel RST) driver.

Formerly known as the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, this system driver not only optimizes RAID access but also improves performance of single drives and as such has a major impact on the performance of consumer hardware.

You can download it either through Intel’s site or from driver sites such as Computerbase. The driver is dependent on your Chipset version (you need either read through the readme’s on Intel’s site or use other facilities like Computerbase who present what driver version supports which chipset version in a more comfortable manner. To find out your chipset version, refer to the device manager in Windows and check the “IDE ATA/ATAPI-Controller” section:

Updating the iaStor.sys driver (the main system driver behind Intel’s RST) might also solve some weird problems your might’ve encountered with older drivers, like for example a non-working (empty) SMART status tables.

The following screenshots shows how random write IOPS doubled after the iaStor.sys update:

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