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The Power of ‘Trollaboration’

I stumbled recently upon an article at that describes how to setup a Web-Server. While seemingly legit at first glimpse, the last step caught my eye:

(A strong word of warning though: The steps in Part 10 basically describe how you completely lock yourself out of your Raspberry System !!)

This is a perfect example of how collaborative systems like Wikis can be easily subverted by a few malicious users.

Since everyone is supposed to edit these articles I tried to remove the section and wrote an explanation in the “discussion” section why everyone should try to verify information to a certain degree for himself / herself (in this case via “man <commad>” instead of blindly relying on the presented information.

From the furious comments I gathered that the mods would already have removed the offending section long ago, or at least approve of me doing it for them, and at first it seemed that my changes were accepted.

But the following day, the article was reverted back to its former state, and my explanation in the discussion section gone with it as well. Seems like the people at the site don’t have either the ressources nor the necessary expertiese to run a technical wiki.

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